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Permanent Structures

We will design, manufacture and install structures of any kind using high tension structures with guaranteed life expectancies exceeding 5 years. The multitude of variations available makes these the perfect innovative structure

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Semi-permanent Structures

The design and manufacture of semi-permanent structures take place with a specific lifespan in mind and are generally moveable. Some of our most memorable projects:

  • Coco C Bloemfontein
  • Balloon Ride Gold Reef City
  • Polar Bear Jungle Gym – JHB Zoo
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Custom Structures

Our mission is to create truly Sensational Spaces for whatever the need. We manufacture and install permanent and semi-permanent structures for venues, restaurants, lodges, hotels, private owners and for corporates as well. It is our philosophy to deliver the best service, materials and innovation while remaining as competitive as our brief will allow.

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