Marquee Tents or Frame Tents have been firm favourite for Events, Exhibitions, Festivals and weddings for many years.

The Marquee’s are framed structures and vary in size from 5m span (width) all the way to 50m span (width). The Framed Marquee generally comes in 5m bays and can stretch as long as 200m or more if so required. Made up of Aluminium Frames and PVC Skins, the Marquees are perfect for large scale Corporate Dinners, Outdoor Exhibitions and Government Events.

Marquee’s generally need to be draped internally to give a clean professional finish and often need Event Flooring as well. Air conditioning is then need to cool or heat these Outdoor Event Structures.

They can also be hired with Clear Roofs, Clear Sides and Glass Side options with doors. These glass sided and clear roofed options must have Air-Conditioning as they create a greenhouse effect.